Summer Houses

Our summer/play houses are an attractive addition to your garden. Ideal if you have children who need a bit of play space, or if you love to chill out in the garden under a bit of shade. They are also brilliant used as a gym or home office – where you can get away from distractions in the house.


Please contact us to discuss your summer / play house needs.


summerhouse5.jpg summerhouse7558781f02e266.jpg summerhouse8558781f05059c.jpg summerhouse9558781f06f4c7.jpg summerhouse10558781f086c45.jpg summerhouse6558781efe2e53.jpg summerhouse4558781efcc1cf.jpg summerhouse3558781efb8778.jpg summerhouse2558781efa1e63.jpg summerhouse1558781ef89de9.jpg